Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mechanical Design Engineer - EBeam (Opto-Mechanical) (#112636)

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer - EBeam (Opto-Mechanical)
Location: Milpitas, CA
Duration: Full time

Job Description:
Business Unit:
The EBeam division of KLA-Tencor designs and manufactures Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipment for ultra-high resolution defect review. Each product's life cycle is about 2 years from early development to release. The market for EBeam review is expected to have strong growth in the next few years, complementing and supplementing light optical wafer.
1) Develop and document designs for electron optics systems/subsystems from concept to completion and final release to manufacturing.
2) Produce mechanical system/subsystem specifications in order to meet performance requirements.
3) Design, modify parts or large scale assemblies using ProEngineer.
4) Create detailed drawings using ProEngineer to be used for the manufacture of assemblies and components.
5) Participate/lead design reviews, error budget development, risk assessment and mitigation.
6) Perform structural and thermal FEA using ProMechanica.
7) Evaluate vendor components, develop specifications, analyze/select materials and verify design accuracy.
8) Define test plans, perform testing and write test reports.
9) Document testing, manufacturing and assembly procedures.
10) Work with outside vendors and consultants to develop, analyze and fabricate components and subassemblies.
11) Provide effective presentation and written evaluations to communicate concepts, designs, test results, etc.

Preferred Qualifications:
1) Direct experience designing systems/subsystems used for electron optics such as deflectors, objective lenses, vacuum chambers, gate valves, in vacuum positioning, etc.
2) Familiarity with mechanical designs used for electron optics systems, wafer transport and high/Ultra high vacuum systems is a must.
3) Ability to develop/conceptualize mechanical system/subsystems based on a set of requirements.
4) Familiarity with materials, manufacturing and cleaning processes used for making components for electron optics systems.
5) Should be able to perform basic structural and thermal FEA using either ProMechanica or SolidWorks Simulation.  The ability to perform complex analysis is a plus.
6) Must have experience designing parts and assemblies for use in high and Ultra high vacuum and in high voltage environment.
7) Must be able to create 3D part/assembly models and detail drawings for fabrication per best practices using ProE.  Should be able to perform tolerance analysis on designs to ensure budgets are met. Should have a thorough understanding of GD&T standards.
8) Working knowledge of vibration is a plus
9) Must be able to work with team members and with outside contractors, consultants, and machine shops.
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's Level Degree with at least 8 years of experience
Master's Level Degree with at least 6 years of experience
Doctorate (Academic) with at least 3 years of experience

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